Artificial Intelligence

Cortechma portfolio comprises variety of Artificial Intelligence products and services. Company products include customized AI algorithms and software and end to end solutions from business analysis and data preparation to deployment of AI models.

The company has the capability to develop and deploy AI software solutions in the short term and lowest costs for clients across the globe.

An efficient team of AI experts will be dedicated for each customer’ project to understand the business needs and propose the best solution. The team will control all aspects of the projects from concept to completion and assist clients to reach their desired objectives.

Cortechma AI software products and consultation services are based on the following solutions:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Search & Recommendation Systems.
  • Speech Recognition.
  • Text Recognition.
  • Robotic Process Automation.
  • AI-Powered Assistants.
  • Conversational AI & Chatbots.
  • Digital AI Twin.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning can review large volumes of historical data and discover specific trends and patterns that would not be apparent to humans.

Cortechma offers a wide range of Machine Learning & Deep Learning solutions for clients across the industries. This comprises development and deployment of predictive models using powerful Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms.

We perform data analysis and build quick prototypes to offer optimum solution to our customers.

Our dedicated data science and engineering team can complete all stages of ML / DL projects included data collection and pre-processing, feature engineering, development of models, test and validation of models and their deployment in minimum time and expenses for clients.

Company also provides consultation services for all cycles of ML / DL projects.

Our data engineering team performs MLOps to achieve:

  • Rapid deployment of multiple models through automated processes.
  • Accelerated time-to-value by building and deploying models faster.
  • Increased productivity due to improved cooperation and the reuse of models.
  • Reduced risk of using unproductive models.

We apply a wide range of Machine Learning techniques in our software products:

  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).
  • Decision Tree (DT).
  • Random Forest (RF).
  • XGboost (XGB).
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM).
  • Naïve Bayes Algorithms (NB).
  • Logistic Regression (LR).
  • Genetics Algorithms.
  • Particle Swarm Optimization.
  • Ant colony optimization algorithm.
  • K-Means.
  • Self-Organizing Map (SOM).

Deep Learning Algorithms can always reach higher modeling performance metrics in comparison with Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms. Cortechma utilized state-of-the-art Deep Learning technologies in several applications and projects:

  1. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).
  2. Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTMs).
  3. Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs).
  4. Multilayer Perceptron (MLPs).
  5. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

In addition to the above approaches, the team has experts to develop customized and cutting-edge Reinforcement algorithms for specific use cases aligned with clients’ requirements.

Statistical Software

Statistical analysis uses scientific techniques to derive meaningful information from data through calculations and trend identification.

Our data science team employs several statistical analysis and modeling using powerful software packages and tools based on the problem on hand and client’s needs.

We also develop unique and customized statistical algorithms to achieve the highest forecasting performance metrics.

Big Data

Cortechma data science and engineering teams perform advanced analytic techniques against very large, diverse big data sets that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, from different sources stored in databases such as:

  • SQL Database
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

We utilize:

  • Hadoop ecosystem for big data analysis.
  • Spark for real-time processing and acceleration of big data analyzing.
  • Cloud-based storage, analysis, modeling, and pipeline for big data.

Cloud Platforms

Our teams use different cloud platforms according to the clients’ needs, product specifications and project requirements:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platforms
  • Amazon Web Services

We easily ingest and transform batch and stream data on the cloud-based platforms. Orchestrate reliable production workflows while cloud tools automatically manage the project infrastructure at scale. This improves the productivity of the process with built-in data quality testing and support for software development best practices.

We utilize data Lakehouse Architecture and Databricks Machine Learning to empower ML team to prepare and process data, build data pipelines, streamlines cross-team collaboration, and standardizes the full ML lifecycle from experimentation to production.

Our teams employ Dataiku cloud-based tools to accelerate data analysis and visualization, models prototyping and development process for prediction, clustering, time series forecasting, computer vision tasks, and more.

Business Intelligence

Transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes

Analysis and Measurement

Analysis of business data to discover meaningful knowledge has a critical role in strategic decision making. BI technologies are capable of handling large amounts of unstructured data to help identify and develop new strategic business opportunities. The goal of BI is to allow for the easy interpretation of these large volumes of data. Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

Enterprise Reporting

Developed business intelligence systems using artificial intelligence makes infrastructure for enterprise reporting to serve the strategic management of a business. Cortechma helps companies to build an effective Executive Information System (EIS) that facilitates and supports senior executive information and decision-making needs. EIS emphasizes graphical displays, easy-to-use user interfaces and strong reporting capabilities. Data visualization is a modern approach which is applied by Cortechma to generate enterprise reports included advanced statistical graphics, plots, information graphics, tables, and charts using powerful tools like PowerBI and Tableau. The primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently.

Software Development

We build advanced and custom software platforms, frameworks, tools, and applications to solve businesses complex problems. Our teams apply all modern frameworks, ensuring seamless experiences across devices, and integration of web applications with back-end data sources.

Cortechma software development and consulting services cover:

  • Web and Front-end Applications.
  • APIs and System Integration.
  • Database programming.
  • Cloud-based Software Platforms.
  • Mobile Applications.