Finance & Trading

In finance and banking, AI and machine learning techniques can be applied in extensive domains. Cortechma has completed numerous financial projects included:

  • Financial Market Analysis and Forecasting.
  • Credit Evaluation.
  • Risk Assessment and Management.
  • Fraud Detection, Management and Prevention.
  • Cyberattacks Detection and Prevention.
  • Personalized Banking.
  • Process Automation.
  • Investment Portfolio Management.
  • Automatic Stock Trading.

Our past experiences in execution of financial projects using AI technologies help us to complete clients’ projects with customized features and requirements in lowest costs and in a short time.


Artificial Intelligence & ML / DL algorithms in insurance consist of innumerous benefits such as revenue growth, risk mitigation, cost optimization, efficiency promotion, and making a competitive edge.

Cortechma data science and engineering teams are able to complete insurance projects driven by AI technologies in diverse areas:

  • Automated Insurance Claims Processing.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention in Insurance Claims.
  • Automated Underwriting Process.
  • Personalized Insurance Plans.
  • Insurance Offers Dynamic Pricing.
  • Evaluation of Property risks.
  • Assessing Vehicle Damages.
  • Selecting Optimum Health Benefit Plans.
  • Encouraging Safer Driving Habits.

E-Commerce & Retail

Cortechma team employs AI in ecommerce to enable companies performing many tasks a human would normally carry out better and much faster.

We can empower retailers to use our AI-based products and services to predict shopping patterns extracted from consumers’ historical data. This will help retailers to maximize their store’s offerings and boost the conversion rates.

In addition to the product recommendations, online merchants use ecommerce powered by AI to provide chatbots, analyze customer’s comments, and introduce personalized services to online shoppers.

What we offer for Ecommerce Intelligence?

  • Personalized Customer Experience.
  • Chatbots Services and Other Virtual Assistants.
  • Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce.
  • Synthetic Media in Ecommerce.
  • Intelligent Product & Services Recommendations.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Dynamic Pricing in Ecommerce.

Marketing & Sales

Cortechma helps marketers to recognize customers better and promote their experiences.

Marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence & machine Learning enables marketers to develop a predictive customer analysis and plan customer journey more targeted and individually designed, which effectively improves ROI on each customer’s contact.

With the rise of AI tools, marketing and sales departments are able to streamline processes, automate tasks and make data-driven decisions.

Our AI teams can provide and implement end to end marketing and sales promotion solutions using innovative Artificial Intelligence algorithms in:

  • Demands and Sales Forecasting.
  • Market Segmentation & Insights.
  • Personalized Customers Experience.
  • Automated Email Content Curation.
  • Marketing and sales Performance Analysis.
  • Marketing Content Generation.
  • Price Optimization.
  • Smart Bidding.
  • Marketing Chatbots.

Healthcare & Medical

Cortechma AI and machine learning solutions can transform the way healthcare services are being delivered.

Health organizations have collected historical data sets in the form of health records and population data, images, claims and clinical research data. We develop AI algorithms to analyze health care data and uncover patterns and insights for better business and clinical decision making and promote the quality of their services.

Our team has proficiency to build custom and personalized medical software solutions using AI and deep learning technologies:

  • Accurate Disease Diagnosis.
  • Intelligent Health Monitoring & Alert Systems.
  • Personalized Early Disease Detection and Alert Systems.
  • Pandemic Alert & Monitoring such as Covid-19.
  • Medical Imaging Using AI.
  • Robot Assisted Surgery.
  • Improving Efficiency in Operations & Process Automation.
  • Customer Service Chatbots.
  • Virtual Health Assistance.
  • Fraud Detection.

Bioscience & Genetic

The fields of AI and ML have important roots in Bioscience and Genetic.

Improvements in entire genome sequencing have triggered a revolution in digital biology.

Cortechma R&D team has several active projects in the areas of Bioscience and Genetic.

  • Identifying Genetic Causes of Disease.
  • Uncovering Genetic Variants.
  • Unlocking New Possibilities in Genome Sequencing Workflows.
  • Accelerating the Next Wave of Genomics.
  • Improvement of the Gene Editing Tools Functionality.


We leverage AI technologies in pharmaceuticals and life science to:

  • Promote the Operational Efficiency.
  • Manage the Process of Clinical Trial.
  • Discover and Develop New Drugs.
  • Identify Rare Diseases and Develop Personalized Medicine.
  • Predict Treatment Results.

Clinical Research

Our team applies AI / ML and data analytics solutions in variety of clinical research use cases:

  • Clinical Study Protocol Optimization.
  • Clinical Trial Participant Management.
  • Data Analysis of Clinical Research Results.
  • Drug Development Process.


Cortechma data science and engineering teams are expert in utilizing AI, ML and Deep Learning techniques and solutions in manufacturing and production processes and plants:

  • Production Rate and Efficiency Prediction.
  • Predictive Maintenance Planning.
  • Anomaly Detection & Root-Cause Analysis.
  • AI-based Process Automation.
  • AI-based Connected Factory & Industry 4.0.
  • AI-based Product Development.
  • Quality Assurance and Inspections.
  • Inventory & Warehousing Management.

Heavy Industries

Our data analytic teams and company domain experts in different industries work together to develop and implement customized AI-based solutions in heavy industries:

  • Metal Rolling Mills Process.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Chemical Production.
  • Ship Building.
  • Machine & Equipment Tool Building.
  • Locomotive Manufacturing.


Digital transformation, specifically AI technologies are immensely utilized in growing smart cities.

We apply AI solutions toward fundamental values for sustainable cities and their comprehensive progress.

Transportation is one of the primary requirements in today life and in modern cities.

Cortechma offers the following AI-based solutions for improvement of transportation networks and their productivity in sustainable cities:

  • Prediction and forecasting of desired transportation target variables. e.g.,
  • prediction of bus and train arrival times and their uncertainty.
  • Data Analysis and visualization.
  • Automated routes optimization.
  • Optimization of traffic flow and control.
  • Predictive maintenance for roads and rails.
  • Optimization of electric vehicle infrastructure.
  • Facilitating autonomous vehicles’ safety and adoption.
  • Improving electric vehicle technology.
  • Reduction of flight delays.
  • Airplane predictive maintenance.
  • Airline dynamic prices optimization.


Cortechma provides intelligent software products and analytical consultation to clients in Telecommunications industry:

  • Pattern Recognition in Telecom Data for Data-Driven Decision Making.
  • Optimization of Telecom Networks Infrastructure and Operators Performance.
  • Networks Anomaly Detection.
  • Fraud Activities Detection on the Network.
  • Customer Services Enhancing.

Printing & Press

Our teams of data scientists and printing & press industry domain experts work together to provide innovative solutions powered by AI:

  • Minimizing Wastes Materials in the Printing process.
  • AI-Assisted Print Design.
  • Personalization Printing.
  • Printing Automation to Promote Production Speed and Quality.
  • Predictive Maintenance in Press Industry.

Energy & Utilities

We offer a wide range of AI-based solutions in energy and utilities sectors.

We help the companies and clients in these domains for:

  • Optimizing Energy Production.
  • Reduction of Equipment Downtime.
  • Defect Detection in Fault-Susceptible Processes.
  • Process Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Using Digital Twin Technologies.
  • AI-led Cybersecurity implementation.
  • Emissions Tracking of Greenhouse Gases.
  • Smart Supply Chain Planning.
  • Intelligent Inventory Management and Control.


Agriculture is a high potential area for AI and Machine Learning applications.

Cortechma data analytics teams are ready to develop customized and intelligent software for different use cases in agriculture industry:

  • Establishment of Remote Agricultural Operations Using Autonomous Tractors and Robots.
  • Improvement of Crop Yield Forecasting.
  • Optimization of the Right Mix of Biodegradable Pesticides.
  • Promotion of Agricultural Supply Chains.
  • Improvement of Pest Management.
  • Monitoring Livestock’s Health.

Construction & Real Estate

Cortechma ML / DL teams have this capability to perform big data analysis and building predictive models in construction & real estate industry:

  • Intelligent Project Planning.
  • Improvement of the Building Design.
  • Construction Risk Mitigation.
  • Off-Site Construction by Autonomous Machinery.
  • Promotion of Construction Safety.
  • Controlling the Construction Costs.
  • Real-Estate Market Analysis and Forecasting.
  • Properties Smart Pricing.
  • Properties Management & Predictive Maintenance.
  • Home Automation.
  • Personalization of Real-Estate Customers Experience.

Workforce Management

Cortechma can leverage AI-based solutions in workforce management.

Cortechma integrates AI, ML & DL technologies in the workforce management tools to automate and enhance a wide range of tasks encompassing budgeting, scheduling, employee engagement, payroll, and compliance.

We offer modern workforce planning and management system powered by AI for:

  • Workforce Demand & Fulfillment Forecasting and Planning.
  • Improvement of Employees’ Productivity.
  • Optimization of Resource Expenses.
  • Promotion of Employees Skill Utilization.
  • Intelligent Employee’s Performance Evaluations.
  • Enhancement of the Hiring Procedure.

Process Automation

In Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), combination of several advanced technologies is utilized to automate end-to-end business processes.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) enables organizations to reduce the operational costs, promote efficiency, and improve clients and employee experiences.

We apply AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision techniques for intelligent process automation:

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).
  • Streamline workflows.
  • Production and Supply Chain Planning and Control.
  • Process Discovery.


The role of AI in robotics and autonomous systems is vital to enable robots to perform important tasks such as object grasping, tracking and motion control. These basic tasks are executed by robots in different operations such as material handling, high speed assembly, inspection, process control in various industries comprising manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare.

Cortechma intelligent automation team has extended knowledge and skills to design, build, and integrate intelligent robotics systems across the industries, smart offices, and homes.

  • Autonomous Robot Manipulators and Moving Robots.
  • Self-Learning Visual Servoing Systems.
  • Robots Path Planning & Motion Control.
  • Robots Transfer Learning.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) presents real-time data, interconnectivity, and automation that allows for higher productivity and improved products quality. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in the IIoT, driving smarter devices, advanced analytics and better insightful interfaces.

Cortechma data analytics and intelligent automation teams offer AI-based solutions for IIoT:

  • Intelligent Automation.
  • Big Data Analysis and Predictions for better Decision Making.
  • Process Real-time Monitoring.
  • Predictive Maintenance Planning.
  • Intelligent Cyber Security.


We leverage AI-based solutions to address main challenges in education:

  • Data and Learning Analytics to make better-informed decisions.
  • Personalization Learning.
  • Scheduling to Help Administrators to Schedule Courses.
  • Adaptive Learning.
  • Assistive Technology for Special Needs Students.
  • Schools & Facilities Management.