Cortechma Awareness-AI software platform includes a collection of customized Immersive AI Twins in various areas.

Empowering of digital twins by Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality technologies enhances their functionalities to present high quality and interactive visualization and capability of prediction and control of physical systems behavior in real-time.

Immersive AI Twins in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the key domains where digital twins powered by AI/ AR are transforming its operations. For Instance, automotive manufacturers have developed digital twins to revolutionize the way that cars are made and tested. Digital twin models can also be employed for the manufacturing process, production facilities and customer experience.

Industry 4.0 and IIOT enable manufacturing plants data integration and access to historical and real-time data of desired devices and components in different levels for production lines.

Immersive AI Twins in manufacturing and production provide:

  • Modeling of desired devices, components, parts, or complete production line.
  • Interactive simulation of models that can be used during design, assembly, maintenance, troubleshooting and training process.
  • Prediction of model variables and outputs in real-time for optimum decision making and planning.
  • Control the actual systems and physical assets toward the desired directions and trends

Immersive AI Twins in Aerospace Industry

Incorporation of digital twins and AI / AR has considerable influences in aerospace flight simulation, aircraft assembly, failure alert and even unmanned flight.

Digital twins were initially proposed for use in the aerospace domain. For instance, digital twins are applied in the maintenance and quality assurance process of flight simulation and aerospace flight machines. Digital Models are developed, and then AI technology is utilized to analyze aircraft status in digital space. The aircraft and the actual flight status can be synchronized accordingly. Then, each aircraft’s takeoff and landing process is simulated and stored in digital space in this method. Through AI-based data analysis of digital model, it can be evidently determined whether the aircraft needs maintenance and whether the next flight is ready.

Immersive AI digital twins offer an extensive spectrum of exploitations in the aerospace industry, comprising simulation of aircraft flight routes, aircraft assembly & maintenance procedures training, periodically reporting of faults alerts and repairs, and testing of the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Immersive AI Twins for Smart Cities

The concept of digital twins is obviously to map people, objects, relationships, and processes in real-world to virtual world, predicting the behavior of the physical world and control of real objects and systems by observing and analyzing the digital twin in virtual space.

AI / AR solutions can be employed for various aspects of smart and sustainable cities to build its sub-systems digital twin.

Smart cities sub-systems cover:

Economic Sub-systems:

  1. Production & Manufacturing.
  2. Mobility & Transportation.
  3. Urban Water & Wastewater.
  4. Real-Estate.

Social Sub-systems:

  1. Health & Healthcare.
  2. Population Demographic.
  3. Cyber Security.
  4. Human Rights & Equality.
  5. Handling of Diversity.
  6. Balancing Work and Family Life.

Environmental Sub-systems:

  1. Air Quality.
  2. Greenhouse Gases & CO2
  3. Amount of Water Used & Water Quality.
  4. Wastewater Generation and Treatment.
  5. Life Cycle of the Products.
  6. Raw Materials Used.
  7. Biodiversity Threatened Species.

Comprehensive modeling of sustainable cities system and its sub-systems using Artificial Intelligence technologies and development of their immersive AI digital twins can facilitate building of “Adaptive Control Systems” to simulate and control the sustainable city particular sub-systems and ultimately city overall system.