AI-based AR Software Platform

Awareness-AI is an AI-based Augmented Reality Software Platform developed by Cortechma.

This platform is a growing collection of AR software and applications powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Awareness-AI covers consumer and enterprise applications in various domains:

  • Consumer segment applications consist of Virtual Assistant, Automatic Speech Recognition, Live Captioning, and Object Recognition.
  • Enterprise applications span numerous verticals, comprising Production & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Medical, E-Commerce & Retail, Advertisements & Marketing, Tourism, Gaming, and Education.

This platform includes applications to use for mobile phones, smart glasses, headsets, HoloLens from different manufacturers and the next generation of smart eyewear that’ll provide an exceptional augmented reality experience.

Customized AR / AI Software

Cortechma AI and augmented reality teams can develop customized algorithms that are entirely compatible with clients’ hardware and align with their requirements.

Our team of expert developers and designers can assist our customers to bring their vision to life. We specialize in building high-quality and reliable augmented reality applications powered by AI technologies to meet unique business needs.

AI / AR Digital Twin

Awareness-AI is an Immersive AI Twin software platform.  This growing platform covers a set of customizable digital twins that are dynamic virtual models of desired physical processes, systems, assets, infrastructures, and environments.

A digital twin acts identically to its real-world counterpart, replicates its behavior and enables predicting of its performance outcomes.

Cortechma can develop and deliver high quality and robust interactive digital twins with 3D dynamic models in real-time powered by emerging augmented reality, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for:

  • Design, test and validate a product before it even exists and is released in the real world.
  • Real-time remote monitoring and simulation.
  • Process predictive maintenance.
  • Systems behavior and outcomes prediction.
  • Systems adaptive real-time control.
  • Team collaboration improvement.
  • Effective financial decision-making.

AR / VR Applications

Cortechma Awareness-AI growing software platform includes AR & VR applications in different domains.

Augmented Reality has yielded an immersed connection with applications for devices such as smart phones, smart glasses and headsets, tablets, and even desktops. Every new augmented reality app promises that it will improve the user’s perception of reality, generating the experience much more engaging and interactive.

Virtual Reality is a simulation of the user’s physical presence in the real or a computer-generated world. This simulation sets up a 360° environment and lets the user visualize herself as being physically present in a virtual place. VR also makes the usage of synthetic audio and video possible to create an extraordinary and realistic experience for the user.

AR Powered by AI Consultation

Cortechma has multi-disciplinary teams of technological tinkerers dedicated to providing breathtaking experiences. In addition to our AI / XR products, we offer consultation services to a wide range of industries.

Our consultation and engineering services comprise full cycles of augmented reality and digital twins’ projects from concept to development and deployment.

Benefits of our services for clients are:

  • Improvement of operational efficiency & performance.
  • Reduction of business expenses and saving resources.
  • Promotion of productivity by effective teams’ collaboration & remote monitoring.
  • Increasing their customers’ satisfaction.